Thursday, 26 November 2015

New Richplanet TV with Andrew Johnson

Here are the links and details to episodes 212 and 213 of Richplanet TV. Richard D. Hall interviews Andrew Johnson about new theories on planetary formation, and the possible connection between the crop circle phenomenon and directed energy weapons (respectively.) Please take the time to watch if you haven't already. The subjects are fascinating and thoroughly researched by Andrew.

Richplanet TV Show No. 212: Andrew Johnson: Formation of Planets - A New Theory
Geology and planetary science have given explanations for the creation of the Earth. Allegedly 4 billion years ago there was a hot mass of material which gradually formed into the Earth and cooled over millions of years. New evidence may suggest the Earth may have been completely different in its early stages. Today's programme explores a theory put forward by researcher Peter Woodhead who suggests a completely different sequence of events to arrive at today's Earth. The theory seems to tie many loose ends together, such as "where did the oceans come from", "why do planets become gas giants", "why do the continents fit together", "was gravity lower in the time of the dinosaurs" and "is gravity what we think". Andrew Johnson has worked with Peter Woodhead to help derive equations to explain how gravity works in this new model. They have authored two papers on the new theory.
(Please note that part 5 is the unaired on TV, conclusive part of this interview)

Richplanet TV Show No. 213: Andrew Johnson: Crop Circles & Energy Weapons
Andrew Johnson joins Richard to discuss his latest research. Dr Wood's book, "Where Did the Towers Go" shows that the twin towers were disappeared using an energy weapon. One of the peculiarities of the 9/11 aftermath was the presence of iron micro-spheres. These are tiny spheres of pure iron found in the dust, which, if the official story is true should not be there. Iron micro-spheres of about the same size have also been discovered in the ground by scientists where crop circles have formed. Is it possible there is a link between the creation of unexplained crop circles and the energy weapon used to destroy the world trade centre? Further evidence also points to a possible link between the 9/11 weapon and crop circle formation. Could this link provide a long awaited explanation for many of the non planked (sometimes called "genuine") crop circles?

Monday, 23 November 2015

RIP Dave McGowan

As a musician and fan of music (along with years of blind, musician "hero worship" behind me), I am totally in the debt of the researcher Dave McGowan. His research into the Laurel Canyon scene (amongst other things) opened my eyes to the true nature of the music industry and the machinations of the global elite. In my own musical working life, I have sometimes encountered bizarre situations and people whose behaviour and attitudes defy all logic and reason. Dave's research gave me the insight to understand what I may have unwittingly experienced (even from my cursory position on the very outer edges of the music scene) over the last 20 years. During my own research, I have  found it reassuring to know that if I ever wanted to confirm some darker or mysterious connection to the Canyon scene I could rely on his tireless and comprehensive research to point me in the right direction. It is therefore a very sad day for me when I should learn that Dave has passed away. His departure into the infinite consciousness will leave a great hole amongst those of us left here. However, his work will always remain. If you haven't already, please take the time check it out. I huge portion of his research is gathered here:

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Richplanet TV Returns - Nov 2015

Richard D Hall's excellent Richplanet TV is returning to television screens this week. The first episode in this 12 week run will be broadcast at 11pm tonight (Tuesday 3rd November 2015.) The show will be available on Sky channel 261, Freesat 402 & Freeview 254. Myself and Andrew Johnson travelled to Richard's new studio in early October to record episodes for this series. I had a great time recording my interviews and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Richard and his family for making me so welcome. Huge thanks also to Andrew for making it possible for me get there in the first place! My recorded interviews comprise two episodes of the new show, cover a generic discussion of all things Stanley Kubrick and Star Trek (respectively) and will be somewhat familiar to those people who have read some of my articles, watched some of my talks and read my book. I hope you enjoy the interviews. I also want to remind people to keep an eye out for Andrew's two interviews in this series. The subjects are fascinating and well worth watching. Although I am somewhat bias, I have always maintained that Richplanet TV is just about the only show worth turning on a television for. Richard's subjects aim at the heart of the truth, asking informed questions, and exposing so many of the control mechanisms and cover-ups that exist in our world. I only hope that you will consider my research a worthy addition to that of those people who have already contributed to the show. For those of you unable to catch the TV airing of the new series, Richard will no doubt upload these new episodes to his website: In the past, these episodes have usually appeared within a week of the aired show so keep an eye out there. After the 12 week TV series, Richard will be embarking on another UK Tour in February 2016. Ticket details here: